Small manual welding positioner

  • Model: BW1-01/BW1-05/BW1-1/BW1-3/BW1-6
  • Core Components: PLC, Motor
  • Certification: ISO&CE
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Load: 10-600KG

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Product Introduction For Small manual welding positioner:

The small manual welding positioner is suitable for the rotation of mechanical parts, discs, ring, and ring workpieces weighing less than 300KG to obtain an ideal production processing position and welding rate. The small manual welding positioner adopts a manual or automatic reversal. It can be used for manual welding, assembly line, repair, and other places of workpiece displacement ring welding. The small manual welding positioner adopts a DC motor to realize the step-less speed regulating, and microprocessor control to reach the linkage of the positioner with a welding machine.

This small manual welding positioner is designed with professional anti-electromagnet to avoid high-frequency interference. The dynamical system we equipped is a worm gear reversal unit with a self-locking function. The working table rotation angle is 0~90°, can realize step-less rotation. Equipping with welding head frame, adjusting unit, guide rail, and the pneumatic tip can realize automatic welding.

Machine Technical Parameters For small manual welding positioner:

Model BW1-01 BW1-05 BW1-1 BW1-3 BW1-6
Basic loading(kg) 10/5 50/25 100/50 300/150 600/300
Rotating speed(r/min) 2-10 1-7/2-15 1-7/2-15 0.2-2 0.2-2
turning speed(r/min) Manual turning Manual turning Manual turning Manual turning 0.37
turning angle(°) 0~90 0~90 0~90 0~90 0~90
Work table diameter(mm) 180 320 340 450 700
Ground clearance height of turning center(mm) 170 310 310 450 570
Allow workpiece off-center(mm) Eccentricity / / / 50 100
Centroidal distance / / / 100 150
Rotating motor power(kw) 0.01 0.12 0.12 0.2 0.4
Turning motor power(kw) / / / / 0.55
Shape size L(mm) 330 500 500 500 780
W(mm) 270 320 340 520 700
H(mm) 215 420 420 550 710

Machine Advantages For small manual welding positioner:

The power system adopts a worm gear reversal mechanism with a self-locking function.

small welding positioners

Drive the worktable to rotate, the angle of the worktable can be adjusted; compact structure, light and sensitive, long service life.

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Easy to operate, stable, and reliable performance.

small welding positioner price

The turning angle of the worktable is 0~90°, which can realize stepless turning.

small welding positioners price

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