Automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter

  • Dimensions: 1530/1840
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Motor type: Servo motor
  • Certification: ISO CE
  • Cutting mode: Optional Plasma or flame
  • Voltage: 220V/380V
  • Drive mode: Twin side servo motor
  • Plasma cutting thickness: Depends on the power source
  • Machine running speed: 6000 mm / min
  • CNC programming: Automatic graphical programming software based on AutoCAD

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Product Introduction For Automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter:

The automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter adopts advanced structure design, compact structure, good rigidity, and stable work. The light-weight structure design makes it have good motion performance, high cutting precision, and long service life. The automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter adopts an optical axis linear guide rail and bilateral drive. It can realize the cutting of various metal materials according to any graphics. It is suitable for the rapid numerical control cutting and cutting of carbon steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel plates, and other workpieces with medium and thin plates within 1mm-16mm.

The effect is good, without slag and Glitch; when in use, it is directly connected to a desktop computer with a common configuration, using Wentai software or AutoCAD drawing software to directly draw graphics, without conversion, direct cutting, and can be simple layout, workpiece co-edge setting. The automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter is a plasma cutting method, equipped with an arc voltage automatic height adjustment system and a torch anti-collision system. It is also equipped with a water spray cooling device to reduce the thermal deformation of thin plate cutting, automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter, sheet metal processing, and the advertising industry cutting material cutting equipment.

Machine Technical Parameters For automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter:

Horizontal span 4 m(0.5m / unit can be extended)
Effective cutting width 3.4 m(0.5m / unit can be extended)
Longitudinal length of guide rail 8 m(0.5m / unit can be extended)
Effective cutting length 6 m (can be extended 0.5m / unit)
Flame single cutting torch 1 set
Flame cutting thickness 5-120 mm
Plasma single cutting torch 1 set
Plasma cutting thickness depends on plasma power
Machine running speed 6000 mm / min
Driving method Bilateral driving
Automatic height adjustment stroke 0-150 mm

Machine Advantages For automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter:

The crossbeam adopts a steel plate carved hollow welding structure with good rigidity, high precision, lightweight and small inertia. All welded parts are vibration-aged and stress-relieved, which effectively prevents structural deformation.

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Vertical and horizontal drive: both adopt precision gear rack (7-level precision) transmission. The horizontal guide rail adopts the linear guide rail imported from Taiwan. The vertical guide rail is made of precision processed special steel rail, which ensures the stable operation of the cutting machine, high precision, durability, clean and beautiful.

Linear Guides

The drive system is a servo system, which makes the machine run more smoothly, the speed range is wider, and the acceleration time is shorter.

CNC System

Cutting samples For automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter:

cnc plasma cutter cutting samples
cnc plasma cutter cutting samples
cnc plasma cutter cutting samples
cnc plasma cutter cutting sample
cnc plasma cutter cutting samples

Optional Configuration For automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter:

Dust removal table of plasma cutter

Dust removal table of CNC plasma cutter

The dust generated during cutting is sucked away, processed, and purified, and it has reached the local smoke and dust emission standards to avoid pollution.

cnc plasma cutter flame torch

Flame cutting torch

Flame cutting can use acetylene, propane, and natural gas to cut 2-300mm carbon-containing metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Please be sure to contact our technical staff to answer your questions!

When using a automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter to cut plates, it is very important how to operate the automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter. Many places need everyone's attention. Safety operation rules of automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter:
The operator should follow the general safety procedures for welders. Wear labor protection articles as required.
Operators must be trained in special safety techniques before they can start operations.
It is forbidden to store flammable and explosive materials near the equipment, and fire fighting equipment should be provided.
It is strictly forbidden to place objects on the guide rail and working surface of the cutting machine. Do not knock, straighten, and trim the workpiece on it.
After the new workpiece program is input, it should be trial run first, and then put into operation after confirming that it is correct.
Check the guide rail, rack, and bed before starting. Check for leaks in the gas line system, and drain water and impurities in the air reservoir and oil-water separator. Check consumables and torch anti-collision device.
After turning on the machine, the machine tool should be manually started at low speed in X and Y directions to check whether there are any abnormal conditions.
Manually raise and lower the cutting torch to check for abnormal movements.
Start the plasma generator and adjust the air pressure according to the material thickness.
During the cutting process, observe whether the height-adjusting system and the dust-removing system are working properly. If there is any abnormality, they should immediately stop processing to eliminate the fault.
During work, the operator must not leave the post, pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool, to avoid the cutting machine out of the effective travel range or the collision caused by the collision of the two machines.

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