Self-adjusting pipe rollers for welding

  • Price: negotiation
  • Diameter (min): 350mm-2500mm
  • Diameter (max): 900mm-5500mm
  • Loading capacity: 1-100T
  • Roller speed: 6-60m/h
  • Roller width: 120mm/140mm/240mm/360mm
  • Roller diameter:250mm/300mm/350mm/400mm/500mm
  • Roller material: Polyurethane steel
  • Control mode: PLC
  • Drive mode: motor+reducer

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Product Introduction For self-adjusting pipe rollers for welding:

The self-adjusting pipe rollers is an auxiliary welding device that uses the friction between the active roller and the weldment to drive the workpiece to rotate. The self-adjusting pipe rollers can be adjusted according to the diameter of the cylinder body. The driving method adopts the cycloid pin gear reducer or the worm gear reducer to ensure the accuracy of the weldment when rotating. The self-adjusting pipe rollers are mainly used for the assembly or welding of cylindrical workpieces such as pipes, containers, boilers, oil tanks, etc.

When it is matched with the welding manipulator and welding power supply, it can weld the internal and external longitudinal and internal and external circumferential seams of the workpiece. The self-adjusting pipe rollers can also cooperate with manual welding as a device for detecting and assembling cylindrical workpieces. The use of a self-adjusting pipe rollers can greatly improve the quality of welding seam, reduce labor intensity, and improve work efficiency.

Machine Technical Parameters for self-adjusting pipe rollers for welding:

Model No. HG1-10 HG1-20 HG1-30 HG1-40 HG1-50 HG1-60 HG1-80 HG1-100
Loading capacity(t) 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Diameter of shell Min.(mm) 350 600 600 600 850 900 900 900
Max.(mm) 3000 4000 4500 4500 5000 5000 5000 5000
Roller speed(m/h) 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60
Motor power(kw) 2*0.25 2*0.37 2*0.37 2*0.55 2*0.75 2*0.75 2*1.1 2*1.5
Speed regulating mode Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control
Dimensions Length(mm) Actice 1585 Passive 1450 Actice 2165 Passive 2125 Actice 2410 Passive 2410 Actice 2410 Passive 2410 Actice 2600 Passive 2600 Actice 2600 Passive 2600 Actice 3020 Passive 3020 Actice 3020 Passive 3020
Width(mm) Actice 872 Passive 392 Actice 1010 Passive 425 Actice 1260 Passive 550 Actice 1290 Passive 550 Actice 1360 Passive 590 Actice 1360 Passive 590 Actice 1745 Passive 760 Actice 1770 Passive 760
height(mm) 660 945 1125 1135 1135 1135 1400 1400

Machine Advantages For self-adjusting pipe rollers for welding:

Adopt French Schneider or Japanese Panasonic frequency converter to realize variable frequency step-less speed adjustment, and the rollers rotate synchronously.

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Customize as needed, provide customized solutions according to your workpiece size and weight.

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Heat treatment of main welding parts after welding; sandblasting and rust removal treatment before painting to ensure the overall strength of the machine.

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There are lifting lugs on the base of the self-adjusting pipe rollers for easy lifting.

welding rollers for sale

Structural features For self-adjusting pipe rollers for welding:

1. It can be combined arbitrarily according to the weight and length of the weldment, convenient and flexible to use;
2. The center distance of the rollers is automatically adjusted within the specified range, suitable for weldments of different diameters, and the cylindrical weldment is placed smoothly;
3. SCR-powered DC motor drive, step-less speed regulation, wide welding speed range, and stable speed;

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4. Strong applicability and widely used;
5. Combined rollers, steel wheels outsourcing rubber, stable transmission, high friction, and long life;
6. Small wheel pressure on the workpiece can avoid cold work hardening on the working surface.

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