CNC plasma pipe cutting machine

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Control axis: 3-5
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Cutting accuracy: ±0.05
  • Control system: IPC CNC
  • Effective cutting diameter: 50-800mm
  • Effective cutting length: max 12000mm
  • Cutting mode: Plasma Cutting or Flame Cutting
  • Plasma cutting thickness: Depends on the power source
  • Plasma power: 60A/100A/120A/160A/200A Power

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Product Introduction For CNC plasma pipe cutting machine:

The CNC plasma pipe cutting machine is a machine that automatically calculates and cuts off the joints of steel pipe ends. The CNC control interface of the CNC plasma pipe cutting machine is combined with graphics and data. The operator only needs to enter the radius and intersection angle of the supervisor and branch pipe, cut and read parameters into the computer, and then press the start button to automatically ignite and preheat. Cutting and other operations. Reasonable cutting lead-in and lead-out lines are designed in the software to ensure the quality of the cutting surface. The parameters after each cut can be saved as a file for the same workpiece in the future.

The CNC plasma pipe cutting machine has the function of cutting fixed-angle grooves, cutting angle of variable grooves, automatic control of cutting speed changes, etc. It is widely used in the cutting of pipeline structural parts in shipbuilding, construction, petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy, and other industries Processing. The CNC plasma pipe cutting machine can choose plasma cutting or flame cutting according to the needs. The maximum and minimum cutting pipe diameter and pipe length can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

Machine Technical Parameters For CNC plasma pipe cutting machine:

Product Model QGVI-500 QGVI-B500
Number of CNC Control Axis Three Axis and Two Linkages Five Axis and Four Linkages
Spindle rotation (axis code A) Free Rotation
Move The Torch Left and Right (axle code X) Optional (depending on pipe length)
Move The Torch up and Down (axle code Z) ≤210mm ≤300mm
The Cutting Torch Swings Left and Right (axle code U) / ±60°
Swing Before and After Cutting Torch (axle code V) / ±60°
Cutting Diameter 50-500mm
Cutting Pipe Length 500-12000mm
Flame Cutting Tube Thickness 5-50mm
Plasma Cutting Tube Thickness According to The Selected Plasma Power Supply
Cutting Speed 50-1500mm/min
Moving Speed 6000mm/min
Motion Accuracy ±0.2

Machine Advantages For CNC plasma pipe cutting machine:

The CNC plasma pipe cutting machine frame is welded with steel pipe and subjected to aging vibration treatment to clear the internal response and has good stability.

cnc plasma pipe cutter

Support a variety of cutting processes. It can cut multiple cylindrical intersecting line holes with different directions and diameters on the main pipe to meet the conditions of eccentric non-eccentric orthogonal, oblique intersections of the axis of the branch pipe and the main shaft.

cnc pipe plasma cutting machine

The pipe support base adopts the straight up and down mode, which effectively guarantees the precision of the rotation of the steel pipe.

cnc pipe plasma cutter price

Cutting samples For CNC plasma pipe cutting machine:

cnc pipe plasma cutting machine for sale
cnc pipe plasma cutter cutting sample
cnc pipe plasma cutting machine price
cnc pipe plasma cutting machine cutting sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Please be sure to contact our technical staff to answer your questions!

The safe operation method of CNC pipe plasma cutting machine:
The operator must read the operating instructions, understand the operating procedures, precautions, and understand the technical rules of gas welding safety technology.
Check the power supply and air source before the operation, there should be no air leakage, electric leakage, and other phenomena.
The power box should be set with a good grounding wire, and the dust in the power box should be cleaned frequently, once every six months, using dry compressed air to blow the dust.
It is forbidden to use a cutting machine for welding operations. If welding is required on the workpiece, the ground wire must be directly connected to the workpiece, and the equipment should not be directly used as the ground wire.
When loading or unloading, drive the cart away to avoid hitting the machine tool.
When the chuck rotates, personnel items should be kept at a certain safe distance, and the chuck should not be touched.
Abnormalities are found during work, such as lightning in electrical, abnormal noise in spark transmission, jitter, stuck or overload, etc., power off should be checked in time.
Pay attention that the cut material can not directly fall to the ground to prevent damage to the guide rail.
After tightening the chuck with the chuck tightening head, the chuck head must be removed from the chuck.
Pay close attention to prevent the Z-axis from rushing to the upper limit or suddenly falling when starting up. If the limit is exceeded, you should quickly press the emergency stop button.
When loading the cutting program file, the machine cutting gun should give way to the workpiece to prevent the gun head from hitting the workpiece, and then move the X-axis to the cutting point to cut.
After the daily operation is completed, the pipe bracket and the rail should be cleaned and lubricated with a thin viscosity lubricating oil; wipe the liquid crystal display with clean cotton yarn, and never wipe with a volatile liquid. Do daily maintenance work to ensure that the chucks, brackets, etc. are not stagnant.
After each shift, cut off the power and air supply.
Check, adjust, tighten, and change the oil every six months.

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