Oval tank turning rollers

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Max workpiece length: 2000-2600mm
  • Min workpiece length: 1200-1600mm
  • Shape: Circular、eight center ellipse
  • Roller diameter: 400mm
  • Roller width: 220mm
  • Walking wheel center distance: 2000mm
  • Rail: 18kg(Prepared by customer)

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Product Introduction For Oval tank turning rollers:

The elliptical oval tank turning rollers is suitable for the rotational positioning of the elliptical tank, adjusted according to the diameter of the cylinder. The roller of the elliptical oval tank turning rollers adopts a polyurethane wheel structure, which effectively increases the contact area. While protecting the surface of the workpiece, it can also extend the life of the rubber wheel itself. The electrical part of the roller frame is mainly composed of a control cabinet and a handheld communicator. The main function of the control cabinet is to supply power to the system and control the system. The manual communicator is mainly used to select the running direction of the roller and adjust and display the rotation speed.

The speed regulation of the oval tank turning rollers is frequency conversion, step-less speed regulation, and the system has an overload protection function. In the oval tank turning rollers design and manufacturing process, the anti-overturning during lifting, and the rigidity and lifting method of the lifting point are fully taken into consideration. A fixed lifting hook is provided at an appropriate position to facilitate installation and transportation.

Machine Technical Parameters For oval tank turning rollers:

Max workpiece length 2000-2600mm Rail 18kg(Prepared by customer)
Min workpiece length 1200-1600mm Horizontal route 250mm
Shape Circular、eight center ellipse Rotator wheel linear speed 1700mm/min
Roller diameter 400mm Cylinder turning control method Wireless control
Roller width 220mm Load-bearing 10T
Walking wheel center distance 2000mm Power supply AC 380V 50Hz

Machine Advantages For oval tank turning rollers:

The oval tank turning rollers adopts polyurethane rollers and domestic high-quality motor reducer, which has better self-locking performance. The swingarm of each set of oval tank turning rollers can adjust its position on the base by the screw, to adapt to different diameter tanks.

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The tank rotation control can be controlled not only on the electric operation table but also by wireless remote control, which is convenient for the operator to operate in the tank.

Oval tank and pipe welding roller

The equipment is configured as a dual active frame, using a three-phase asynchronous motor drive. High-quality inverter speed regulation, wide speed range, stable and reliable bearing.

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The roller seat adopts the retractable screw type, and the whole machine adopts the method of manual walking and locking.

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