Fixed column and boom welding manipulator

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Certification: CE ISO
  • Dimensions: 1-8m
  • Control mode: PLC
  • Rotating mode: None
  • Traveling mode: None
  • Drive mode: Motor + reducer
  • Crosswise stroke: 1000-8000mm
  • Welding Mode: Mig/Tig/Arc Welding
  • Voltage: 220V/380V or customized

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Product Introduction For fixed column and boom welding manipulators:

Fixed column and boom welding manipulators are generally composed of uprights, beams, slewing mechanisms, trolleys, and other components. Each component is a building block structure, and the general columns and beams are the basic components, and the remaining components can be selected according to user requirements. The uprights and beams use bending and welding structural parts, which have good rigidity. Unique cross-beam and column cross-section design, stress-relieved after welding, formed by planing and grinding, lightweight, high strength and good stability. The design of the telescopic arm inside the beam can effectively increase the beam's horizontal telescopic distance.

The fixed column and boom welding manipulators can be linked with the welding positioner and the welding rotator. It is used for longitudinal and circular seam welding of internal and external seams of cylindrical workpieces such as boiler drums and petrochemical vessels in pressure vessels.
The fixed column and boom welding manipulators can be equipped with electric pallets, inner telescopic arms, manned devices, and maintenance ladders according to requirements. It can also be equipped with various tracking and monitoring, arc swing, flux recovery and conveying devices, etc. The control system of the operating machine adopts digital control mode, and the operation is portable, and the control is accurate.

Machine Technical Parameters For fixed column and boom welding manipulators:

Model No. HC-2*2 HC-3*3 HC-4*4 HC-5*5 HC-6*6 HC-7*7 HC-8*8
Up/down stretching stroke of cross arm (m) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Optional stretching stroke of cross arm (m) 2~4 2.5~5 3~7 3~8 4~8 4~8 4~8
Rotating angle of the stand column(°) ±180°
The up/down speed of cross arm(mm/min) 850 1150
Expansion speed of cross arm(mm/min) 140~1400
Rotating speed of stand column(r/min) 0.2
The total load of cross arm 100 200 300 400 500 600 700
Center to center distance of the track(optional) 2000/2500

Machine Advantages For fixed column and boom welding manipulators:

The fixed column and boom welding manipulator consists of a fixed base, upright parts, cross arm parts, and guide seat parts. It consists of the lifting and telescopic driving parts of the cross arm and the cross fine adjustment parts at the end of the cross arm.

column and boom welding manipulator

The cross-arms effective stroke ensures that the welding welded can complete the longitudinal seam welding at one time.

column and boom welding manipulator price

The lifting and lowering stroke of the cross arm ensure the change of workpieces of different sizes and meet the workpiece's circumferential welding.

china welding manipulator

The combination of the two and the control and protection functions can complete the workpiece's movement.

column and boom welding manipulators

Welding Samples For Fixed column and boom welding manipulators:

welding sample
welding manipulator
welding manipulator for sale
welding sample 1
welding manipulators

Optional configuration for fixed column and boom welding manipulator:

welding manipulator welding head

Welding method

We can customize the welding method of the welding manipulator according to the material and thickness you need to weld.

welding manipulator price

Welding Size

We can customize the size of the welding manipulator according to the size of your workpiece, and we support up to 8m*8m welding manipulators.

column and boom welding manipulator for sale-2

Custom welding head

We can customize the types of welding heads according to your requirements, such as single-wire heads, double-wire double-arc heads, and double-wire single-arc heads.

welding manipulator welding seam tracker

welding seam tracker

Welding seam tracker consists of a sensor probe, controller, and implementation agencies. Sensor probe contacts the workpiece, collecting the welding surface changes, through the control system to calculate, finally by implementing agencies to adjust the distance between torch and workpiece, ensure good welding quality.

welding manipulator flux recovery drvice

Flux Recovery Device

The flux recovery device is installed on the cross arm of the welding operation machine, which can realize the reciprocating use of welding machine recovery, feeding, and unloading. The entire process can be operated on the operation cabinet or manual control box.

welding manipulator welding oscillator

welding oscillator

The welding oscillator consists control system, stepping motor, and drive ball screw. Through the digital signal by the computer, it can achieve various swinging track according to the welding request, the oscillating width, speed, medium point, left, and right endpoint are adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Huafei CNC attaches great importance to the safety of product use. Huafei CNC has summarized the correct, safe operation rules of the Fixed column and boom welding manipulators from the safety information fed back by multiple users and the safety suggestions from engineers.
1.The operator must be familiar with the performance, structure, transmission system of the equipment, and operate with a certificate.
2.Do a good job of lubrication and keep it frequently.
3.Before welding the product, the equipment needs to be tested. Check whether the cross arm moves up and down, left and right, limit and speed adjustment is normal, whether the movement is stable, the head adjustment is normal, check the flux recovery device is normal, check whether the welding machine voltage and current adjustment is normal.
4.It is strictly forbidden to stand under the cross arm and around the roller frame during welding.
5.When the machine is rotating, pay attention to the damage of the power threading tube.
6.Regardless of stretching, lifting, rotating, etc., when you need to change the direction, you must first dial to the stop position, and then change the direction.
7.If abnormal phenomena are found during use, such as vibration, abnormal sound, jamming, etc., the machine should be stopped immediately and notified for inspection and repair.
8.For the welding of various welds refers to the welding process.
9.In the welding process, the flux needs to be manually added according to the amount used, and the flux recovery device is used at the same time.
10.After the equipment is used, lower the beam to the balanced position, keep the center of gravity stable, and then cut off the power.
11.Store the flux in the designated place after recovery.
12.Put the welded workpiece on the designated location.
13.Do a good job of equipment and site cleanliness and hygiene.

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