CNC plasma metal cutting machine

  • Model: 1530/1840
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Cutting accuracy: ±0.05
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Motor Type: Servo motor
  • Effective cutting range: 1500*3000mm/1800*4000mm
  • Plasma power: 60A/100A/120A/160A/200A Power
  • Cutting mode: Plasma Cutting+ Flame Cutting
  • Driven System: Single/Double-side servo driven system
  • Plasma Cutting Thickness: Depends on the power source

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Product Introduction For CNC plasma metal cutting machine:

The CNC plasma metal cutting machine CNC plasma cutter is a modular structure CNC plasma cutter that integrates high speed, precision, small size, and lightness. This model controls the vertical and horizontal drive system through the numerical control system to drive the beam's longitudinal movement and the left and right movement of the beam-cutting torch. The CNC plasma metal cutting machine adopts a man-machine interface, easy to install, simple operation, small inertia, and stable operation. CNC plasma metal cutting machine with automatic ignition function, all using optical axis linear guide rail, bilateral drive. It can realize the cutting of various metal materials according to any graphics and can be equipped with a capacitive or arc voltage automatic height adjustment system.

According to user requirements, it can be configured as flame cutting mode, plasma cutting mode, flame, and plasma cutting mode. The CNC plasma metal cutting machine has a dust removal and exhaust system, using shallow water stainless steel sink or dust removal air curtain for smoke and dust removal. Keep the site environment clean and prevent pollutant emissions. Air cooling, water cooling, and other cooling methods are adopted. The imported metal cutting torch is equipped as standard to completely solve the problem of the easy burn of the cutting gun. It has its own arc voltage adjustment, slit compensation, arc extinction self-return, anti-collision system, which can last for 24 hours work intermittently.

Machine Technical Parameters For CNC plasma metal cutting machine:

Model 1530 1840
Effective cutting width (mm) 1500 1800
Overall width (mm) 2000 2400
Effective cutting length (mm) 3000 4000
Total length (mm) 4000 5000
CNC system American Hypertherm system or Shanghai Jiaotong University system or according to your choice
Cutting method Plasma cutting and flame cutting
Cutting speed 0-6000mm/min
Plasma power American famous brand or according to your requirements
Plasma cutting thickness According to the power supply you choose
Cutting table Can choose normal workbench or dust removal table

Machine Accuracy For CNC plasma metal cutting machine:

1. Rail installation accuracy:
1) Straightness accuracy of main rail ±0.2mm / 10m
2) The levelness between the two guide rails ±0.5mm / 10m
3) The longitudinal level of the main rails ±0.2mm/m; ±2mm/total length
4) Parallelism between two guide rails <±2mm /gauge
2. Machine accuracy:
Longitudinal effective stroke >Nominal size 20mm
Effective horizontal stroke >Nominal size 10mm

Machine Advantages For CNC plasma metal cutting machine:

The structure adopts advanced structure design, compact structure, good rigidity, and stable work. It has the characteristics of good motion performance, high cutting precision, and long service life.

CNC plasma cutting machine

The driver's digital control adopts a Japanese Panasonic servo motor and driver, walking self-feedback system, strong anti-jamming force, fast response speed, high running accuracy, closed-loop control without losing steps, and long service life.

Servo Motor

Adopt Chinese top brand or imported linear guide rail drive, precision and stable self-made drive rack and gear surface carburized and quenched professionally manufactured, Germany NEUGART planetary reducer drive, low clearance, and maintenance-free features.

Linear Guides

The CNC control system can be selected according to the demand, with extremely excellent stability and super anti-interference ability.


CNC System

Cutting samples For CNC plasma metal cutting machine:

cnc plasma cutter cutting samples 2
cnc plasma cutter cutting sample
cnc plasma cutter cutting samples
cnc plasma cutter cutting samples 1
cnc plasma cutter cutting samples 3

Optional configuration For CNC plasma metal cutting machine:

Dust removal table of plasma cutter
cnc plasma cutter flame torch
cnc plasma cutter drilling torch
Dust removal table of CNC plasma cutter

The dust generated during cutting is sucked away, processed, and purified, and it has reached the local smoke and dust emission standards to avoid pollution.

Flame cutting torch

Flame cutting can use acetylene, propane, and natural gas to cut 2-300mm carbon-containing metals.


Install a drill bit to complete the cutting and drilling process of the workpiece at one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Please be sure to contact our technical staff to answer your questions!

When using a cnc plasma metal cutting machine to cut plates, it is very important to operate the cnc plasma metal cutting machine. Many places need everyone's attention. Safety operation rules of cnc plasma metal cutting machine:
The operator should follow the general safety procedures for welders. Wear labors protection articles as required.
Operators must be trained in special safety techniques before they can start operations.
It is forbidden to store flammable and explosive materials near the equipment, and fire fighting equipment should be provided.
It is strictly forbidden to place objects on the guide rail and working surface of the cutting machine. Do not knock, straighten, and trim the workpiece on it.
After the new workpiece program is input, it should be a trial run first, and then put into operation after confirming that it is correct.
Check the guide rail, rack, and bed before starting. Check for leaks in the gas line system, and drain the water and impurities in the air reservoir and oil-water separator. Check consumables and torch anti-collision device.
After turning on the machine, the machine tool should be manually started at low speed in X and Y directions to check whether there are any abnormal conditions.
Manually raise and lower the cutting torch to check for abnormal movements.
Start the plasma generator and adjust the air pressure according to the material thickness.
During the cutting process, observe whether the height-adjusting system and the dust-removing system are working properly. If there is any abnormality, we should immediately stop processing to eliminate the fault.
During work, the operator must not leave the post, pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool, to avoid the cutting machine out of the effective travel range or the collision caused by the collision of the two cutting head.

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