Affordable cylinder circumferential seam welder

  • Input voltage: 3-phase 5-wire AC 380V /220V 50Hz
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Input capacity: 35.8KVA
  • Welding speed: 0.2~2r/min
  • Rated output voltage range: 15~50V
  • Rated output current range: 60~630A
  • Output no-load voltage: 70V
  • Rated input current: 54A
  • Welding gun angle: Adjustable 0-90 degrees

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Product Introduction For Hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder:

Hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder is mainly used for automatic multi-layer swing welding of girth welds such as hydraulic cylinder bodies and movable columns. The axial movement of the welding head is driven by a servo motor; to adapt to the welding of workpieces of different lengths, the tailstock is moved manually and pneumatically. The hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder adopts an advanced programmable controller (PLC), touch human-machine interface, servo motor, and AC frequency converter to realize automatic welding.

The hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder is matched with the corresponding welding power source, which can be used for welding of various processes such as argon arc welding (TIG), melting electrode gas shielded welding (MIG), or plasma arc (PAW), which has high practicability. The high degree of automation, beautiful appearance of weld forming, can effectively improve welding quality and production efficiency, suitable for welding stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy, and other metals.

Machine Advantages For hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder:

Adopt a high-definition color touch screen, convenient to set various welding process parameters.

Hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder console

The supporting components of the electrical control system have been strictly screened, with stable performance, good reliability, and extremely high anti-interference ability.

Hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder electrical system

Adopt high-quality water-cooled push-wire welding torch, which has the functions of up and down, left and right fine adjustment, and angle adjustment.

Hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder torch

Powerful process integration, with rich welding process parameters, realizing full-function automatic welding.

Hydraulic cylinder circumferential seam welder rack

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