Walking pipe rotator

  • Model: KT-2/KT-5/KT-10/KT-20/KT-40/KT-60/KT-80/KT-100/KT-160/KT-200/KT-250/KT-300/KT-400/KT-500/KT-600
  • Loading capacity:5T/10T/20T/40T/60T/80T/100T/160T/200T/250T/300T/400T/500T/600T
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Roller speed: 6~60m/h
  • Spacing adjustment mode: screw shift adjustment

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Product Introduction For walking pipe rotator:

The walking pipe rotator are a kind of auxiliary welding equipment, usually used for welding the inner and outer circular seams and the inner and outer longitudinal seams of cylindrical workpieces. The walking pipe rotator adopts a screw to move the rotator in steps, and adjust the center distance of the rotator to adapt to the change of the workpiece diameter. The walking pipe rotator include a base, an active rotator, a driven rotator, a bracket, a transmission device, and a power device drive.

The frequency converter adopts step-less speed regulation, wide adjustment range, high precision, and large starting torque; the manual control box is simple and reliable to operate, has a variety of self-protection functions, and can leave a linkage interface in the electrical box, which can be connected with the welding manipulator, etc. The control system of the welding equipment is connected to realize linked centralized control. Greatly improve the quality of welds, reduce labor intensity, and improve work efficiency. The walking pipe rotator can also be matched with manual welding or as a device for detecting and assembling cylindrical workpieces.

Machine Technical Parameters For walking pipe rotator:

Model KT-2 KT-5 KT-10 KT-20 KT-40 KT-60 KT-80 KT-100
Load(T) 2 5 10 20 40 60 80 100
Adapt to the workpiece range (mm) φ200-1800 φ250-2300 φ300-2800 φ500-3500 φ600-4200 φ750-4800 φ850-5000 φ1000-5500
Roller diameter and width Rubber wheel(mm) φ200×80 φ250×100 φ300×120 φ350×120 φ400×120 φ450×120 φ500×120 φ500×120
Metal wheel(mm) 2×φ190×16 2×φ240×20 2×φ290×25 2×φ340×35 2×φ390×45 2×φ440×60 2×φ490×100 2×φ490×100
Roller linear speed (m/h) 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60
Motor power (kw) 2×0.18 2×0.37 2×0.55 2×1.1 2×1.5 2×2.2 2×3 2×4
Adjustable spacing method Adjustable screws
Speed mode Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation or DC stepless speed regulation

Machine Advantages For walking pipe rotator:

The frequency conversion speed control system adopts Schneider low noise, high performance, multi-function inverter, with a wide range, constant torque speed control characteristics, stable speed control, no torque ripple, and other characteristics.

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The electric control system is equipped with a manual control box, and the control cable is super soft multi-wire cable to ensure reliable use.

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The manual control box adopts an anti-collision design and is equipped with a suspension device. Each control button (knob) has an English logo. The electric control box is installed integrally with the active roller frame to facilitate the handling of equipment.

walking welding rotator

The control signal adopts analog quantity control, with high overall stability and strong anti-interference ability.

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