Anti-channeling pipe turning rollers

  • Model: CZE-100/CZE-200/CZE-300/CZE-500/CZE-800/CZE-2000
  • Tonnage carried: 100/200/300/500/2000
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Certification: ISO CE
  • Roller speed(m/min): 100-1000

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Product Introduction For Anti-channeling pipe turning rollers:

The anti-channeling pipe turning rollers is made up and down based on the adjustable roller. The photoelectric encoder is used to detect the amount of workpiece movement. The system controller controls the lifting of the driven roller. The displacement detection frame is placed at one end of the workpiece, and the detection wheel is pressed against the end surface of the workpiece (the end surface must be processed). The detection wheel can rotate with the workpiece. When the workpiece moves axially, the detection wheel will follow the workpiece, photoelectric encoding. The detector detects the movement amount and direction of the workpiece, and its signal is input to the system controller for processing.

The controller will adjust the elevating stroke, elevating speed, and elevating interval time of the driven roller according to the magnitude of the amount of movement, and control the rise or fall according to the direction of movement. The movement of the workpiece always fluctuates between -1.5mm and +1.5mm. In this way, the workpiece's movement is limited to a certain range, which can meet the welding needs.
The anti-channeling pipe turning rollers adopts forged steel wheels, the surface of the roller is quenched at high frequency, the bearing capacity is large, and the driving ability is strong. The wheel frame is annealed after welding to ensure long-term use and the performance of the wheel frame is stable. The wheel frame is equipped with a positioning plate to ensure the roller frame Adjust position consistency.

Machine Technical Parameters For anti-channeling pipe turning rollers:

Model CZE-100 CZE-300 CZE-500 CZE-800 CZE-2000
Tonnage carried 100 300 500 800 2000
Metal wheel size(mm) Φ500x200 Φ800x300 Φ1000x350 Φ1000x400 Φ1100x550
Roller speed(m/min) 100-1000 100-1000 100-1000 100-1000 100-1000
Workpiece diameter(mm) 800-6500 1000-6500 1200-6500 1200-8000 4000-6300
Motor Power(kw) 2x4 2x5.5 2x7.5 2x7.5 2x11

Machine Advantages For anti-channeling pipe turning rollers:

Strong load-bearing drive capacity, maximum load-bearing 100~1200T.

Anti-channeling tank welding rollers

Strong channel correction ability, fast response speed, and channel prevention accuracy can be controlled within ±1mm.

Anti-channeling tank welding roller

The anti-channeling pipe turning rollers is driven by an AC standard frequency brake motor, and the circumferential speed of the roller is stable and uniform, and the speed fluctuation is small.

Anti-channeling tank welding roller for sale

The control system adopts integrated control and is equipped with a manual control box device convenient and reliable to operate.

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