Adjustable pipe rotators for welding

  • Model No: HG2-5/HG2-10/HG2-20/HG2-30/HG2-40/HG2-50/HG2-60/HG2-80/HG2-100
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Certification: ISO CE
  • Loading capacity: 5T/10T/20T/30T/40T/50T/60T/80T/100T
  • Roller speed: 6-60m/h
  • Speed regulating mode: Frequency control

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Product Introduction For Adjustable pipe rotators for welding:

The adjustable pipe rotators are composed of a driving wheel and a driven wheel. The active roller is driven and operated by two motors separately. Through the speed regulating motor, the speed controller realizes the step-less speed change through frequency conversion speed regulation or electromagnetic speed regulation. The linear speed of the workpiece rotation is 6-60 meters per hour, which can meet the needs of various welding such as manual welding, automatic surfacing welding, automatic submerged arc welding, and various riveting of the workpiece.

The pitch of the master and slave rollers can be adjusted through the screw or screw to meet the welding requirements of workpieces of different specifications. The adjustable pipe rotators can be used in conjunction with the welding manipulator, and it can weld the inner and outer longitudinal seams and the inner and outer ring seams of the cone and the unequal-diameter slewing workpiece.

Machine Technical Parameters For adjustable pipe rotators for welding:

Model HG2-10 HG2-20 HG2-30 HG2-40 HG2-50 HG2-60 HG2-80 HG2-100
Load (T) 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Cylinder diameter Minimum (mm) 300 300 300 300 400 600 800 1000
Maximum (mm) 3000 3500 4000 4500 4500 5000 5500 6000
Roller speed (m/h) 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60
Motor power (kw) 0.55*2 0.55*2 0.75*2 0.75*2 0.75*2 1.5*2 2.2*2 2.2*2
Speed mode Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control
Dimensions Length(mm) Actice 2250 Passive 1750 Actice 2800 Passive 2200 Actice 2900 Passive 2200 Actice 3000 Passive 2600 Actice 3000 Passive 2600 Actice 3750 Passive 3000 Actice 3500 Passive 3500 Actice 3850 Passive 3600
Width(mm) Actice 600 Passive 460 Actice 620 Passive 480 Actice 620 Passive 480 Actice 650 Passive 500 Actice 670 Passive 520 Actice 720 Passive 530 Actice 750 Passive 550 Actice 870 Passive 600
Height (mm) 550 580 580 720 720 770 800 930

Machine Advantages For adjustable pipe rotators for welding:

The structure of adjustable pipe rotators is simple, and the modular assembly method is adopted. When a fault occurs or needs maintenance, only the disassembly of the module needs to be detected, and replacement is relatively simple.

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The DC power supply used by the adjustable pipe rotators does not produce harmful gases or liquids when working, which meets the environmental protection standards.

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The adjustable pipe rotators drive adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer or turbo worm reducer, dual-motor drive, stable speed, and no speed regulation.

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We are an adjustable pipe rotators manufacturing plant that can customize various types of roller frames according to demand.

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Structural Features For adjustable pipe rotators for welding:

1. It can be combined arbitrarily according to the weight and length of the weldment, convenient and flexible to use;
2. The center distance of the rollers is automatically adjusted within the specified range, suitable for weldments of different diameters, and the cylindrical weldment is placed smoothly;
3. SCR-powered DC motor drive, step-less speed regulation, wide welding speed range, and stable speed;

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4. Strong applicability and widely used;
5. Combined rollers, steel wheels outsourcing rubber, stable transmission, high friction, and long life;
6. Small wheel pressure on the workpiece can avoid cold work hardening on the working surface.

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